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Neowise Comet

Viewing The Neowise Comet from Orange County

Pacific Air Show

The Great Pacific Air Show returns to Huntington Beach

Transient Orca

3 eco types of orcas may be seen off Orange County's Coast

Entangled humpback whale

Gray whale

Christianitos Fire

Blue Whale

Killer Whales from the CA-51 pod

Great White Shark

Scarlet entangled humpback whale

Humpback Whale

An amazing breaching humpback whale!

Mountain Lion

A huge mountain lion strolls by

Gray whales at Crystal Cove

Gray whales are showing up in full force!


Entangled humpback whale

Arroyo Trabuco Fire

Holy Jim Fire

Scarlet entangled humpback whale

Seal Beach Pier Fire

Sea Otter

Tuna Crab