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Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseids will put on a show over Orange County until around August 18th


While it's been less than a year since 2020's 6 week long bioluminescence streak along Southern California, this years so far is starting off similar with faint blue in some waves and some brighter waves here and there. IT may be getting better although some nights haven't shown might blue glow. So far Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach ad Crystal Cove seem to be the best b ut it varies every night depending on the conditions which are not really predictable except for the fact that there needs to be red tide for it to happen (not to mention sunlight during day, proper currents, etc...). The most common question that gets asked, "Where will it be tonight?" There is no answer for that since we don't know.

Electric Noel

With everything going on in 2020 making things difficult/different, many of us are in need of some positivity in our lives. Here are some ways to get out of the house to see some amazing Christmas decoration displays in alphabetical order.

Neowise Comet

Viewing The Neowise Comet from Orange County

Pacific Air Show

The Great Pacific Air Show returns to Huntington Beach

Gray Whale

As we get into late winter/spring which is prime gray whale viewing off Orange County, we can expect lots of sightings close enough to shore that you can view them without being on a boat. While booking a trip on a whale watching boat is of course the best option to see whales, for those who get sea sick easily or like to stay on land there are some other options for you. Certain spots along the Orange County Coastline tend to have more sightings close to shore due to the whales favoring certain beaches which enable them to roll around in the shallows to run barnacles off, these gray whales are known to get into about 10 feet of water which is right in the shore break. There is no better time of day as these gray whales are all migrating non-stop however lighting is better from shore in the morning and afternoon.

Transient Orca

3 eco types of orcas may be seen off Orange County's Coast

Entangled humpback whale

Gray whale

Christianitos Fire

Blue Whale

Killer Whales from the CA-51 pod

Great White Shark

Scarlet entangled humpback whale

An amazing breaching humpback whale!

Mountain Lion

A huge mountain lion strolls by

Gray whales at Crystal Cove

Gray whales are showing up in full force!


Entangled humpback whale

Arroyo Trabuco Fire

Holy Jim Fire

Scarlet entangled humpback whale

Seal Beach Pier Fire

Sea Otter

Tuna Crab