Started in 2016, the goal with this website is to promote Orange Countians and visitors of this beautiful land to get out and enjoy the outdoors while also using education to help appreciate the array of wildlife we are so fortunate to have here. Every photo and video you see on this website was shot by myself, Mark Girardeau who owns all copyrights except for the sea otter photo and the photo of Calico Ghost Town. In recent years, my website which I created has gained much attention, so much that several other websites are starting to call themselves "Orange County Outdoors," in an effort to gain attention, thank you for sticking to the original.

"I love spending as much time outside as possible, I am very familiar with much of California and try to explore as much of it as possible especially Orange County where I reside which is why I got the idea to create this website which first started off with just an Instagram account because I love sharing my photos and videos while helping educate others about our natural history and why it is important to take care of it. I don't disclose locations of certain animal species due to their safety and certain bird species especially nesting sites. Upon providing information about some of these awesome places, I ask that you please respect them, pick up trash, obey posted signs, and try to have as little impact as possible.

This website is inspired by my Father Greg who passed away from brain cancer in 2014, he introduced me to so many awesome things outdoors and how to respect others, after taking care of him for three years, I made it my mission to live how he wanted me to.

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or media inquiries at "mark@orangecountyoutdoors.com"

Mount Whitney

Why create Orange County Outdoors?

I wanted to create a place where people can learn about Orange County's outdoors with its wildlife, events, beaches, parks, and other outdoor features all in one place. I'm not affiliated with any organization like the county or state parks, therefore I can provide information about ALL of Orange County and not limit the info to a specific area within the county. Also I LOVE sharing my photos and videos with people and doing my part to educate others about taking care of what we are so fortunate to have here. This is not a profit monetarily for me but a profit of feeling accomplished about helping others. In recent years, there have been several imitators calling themselves Orange County Outdoors in an attempt to gain traction online be seeming relevant to this page but I can assure you they are just imitators and in no way affiliated with this website. Thanks for sticking to the original!

Organizations I support

The following organizations are who I choose to support monetarily due to great intentions and well deserving of all the support they can get:

Happy Whale - Citizen science which researches and monitors whale movements. This website has changed the way we understand whales with its citizen science that allows everyone to help, the founder is passionate about the environment and welcomes funding to help support the costs associated with this site.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center - Non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates primarily seals and sea lions that need help, also they rescue other animals like sea turtles and dolphins and they help disentangle whales caught in ropes/nets. They rely solely on donations

eBird - Website that most birders use to record and document all bird species which enables the ability to track migration patterns and changes in climate.

Bird Banding Lab - Report birds with tags/bands to monitor individual movements and lifespans

Dr. Vickers at U.C. Davis - Helps monitor the local mountain lion population including keeping them safe

Shark Lab at C.S.U.L.B. - Monitors and researches great whites along our coast

California Killer Whale Project - Researches and identifies killer whale populations off the coast of California and beyond

Media Features

National Geographic:

Whale swims under beachgoers

Gray Whale Ménage à Trois

Huffington Post:

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Orange County Register:

Sperm whale 2021

Bioluminescence 2021.2

Rare dolphin sighting

Dolphin Stampede

Bioluminescence 2021

Yosemite Firefall

Russian whale shows up off So Cal

Ghost Net Removal

Neowise Comet

Bioluminescence 3

Bioluminescence 2


Orcas hunting dolphins 2019

Fur seal in Newport Beach

Whale swims under surfer

Dana Point Waterfall

Whales mug boats

Gray whale season 2018/19

Striped dolphin washes ashore

Rare booby birds

Entangled Whale

Holy Fire

7 sea lions released

Fin whale mugs boat

Sea Stars returning

6 Way To Watch Gray Whales

Festival of Whales

Snow on Saddleback

Santiago Peak time-lapse

Orca predation

Entangled gray whale

Rare bird: Nazca booby

Orcas show up off OC Coast

Man killed in boating accident

Whale swims under beachgoers

Weather moves into Orange County

Rose Fire near Lake Elsinore

Killer Whales show up in June

Shark watching goes high tech

Gray whale rolls around at the beach

More whales getting entangled

Tangled Whales

Quadruple sea lion release

Beautiful Sunsets

Sea Lion Release

Gray Whale Ménage à trois


Bald Eagles At Irvine Lake

Mom And Baby Gray Whales Visit Boat

Magical Whale Turns Up Dead

Whale Watching Gets Dangerous

Entangled Whale Disentangles Itself

Christianitos Fire in San Clemente

Small brush fire breaks out near 241 toll road



ABC Los Angeles:

Dolphin Stampede


Curious blue whale calf

Sharks return to Dana Point

Rare Baird's beaked whales sighting

Mountain lion causes concern to residents

Mom And Baby Gray Whales Visit Boat

Bald Eagles

Instagram: Bald Eagle

Instagram: Mom And Baby Gray Whales

Mom and baby humpback whales

ABC National:

Mom and baby humpback whales

USA Today:

Whales mug boat

Cookie the mountain lion

IFL Science:

Whale swims under beachgoers

Killer Whale Rainbows

ABC Chicago:

Mom And Baby Gray Whales Visit Boat

ABC Houston:

Magical Rainbow Whale Turns Up Dead

Laguna Beach Independent:

Great White Sharks

NBC Los Angeles:

Sharks re-appear off OC Coast

Scarlet the whale dies

Rescued sea lions released

Mom And Baby Gray Whales Visit Boat

Instagram: Mom And Baby Gray Whales

Tuna Crabs Wash Up On OC Beaches


Blue Whale Dwarfs Ship

CBS Los Angeles:

Scarlet the whale shows up dead

The Weather Channel:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

Instagram: Lightning

Grind TV:

Whale swims under beachgoers

Rare Bryde's Whale

Breaching Whale Reveals Entangled Ropes

Entangled Whale Frees Itself

Mom And Baby Gray Whales Visit Boat

Massive Pod Of Killer Whales Off Orange County

KTLA Los Angeles:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

The Dodo:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

Fox News:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

Ric O' Barry's Dolphin Project:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

Los Angeles Times:

Scarlet the whale shows up dead

The Patch:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

New York Daily News:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow


Gray Whale Washes Up On Beach

Fox San Diego:

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow


Magical Whale Turns Up Dead


Gray Whales Visit Paddle Boarders

Daily Breeze:

Magical Whale Turns Up Dead

The Telegraph - UK:

Blue Whale Dwarfs Ship


Friendly gray whales

Fin whale mugs boat

Blue Whale Dwarfs Ship

Massive Pod Of Killer Whales Off Orange County


Gray whale calf


Blue Whale Dwarfs Ship

Rare Bryde's Whale

Magical Whale Spouts Rainbow

Seattle Pi:

Rare ETP Killer Whales

Awesome Ocean:

Massive Pod Of Killer Whales Off Orange County

Daily Mail - UK:

Whale Spouts Rainbow


Dead Whale washes ashore

ABC New York:

Cow/calf gray whales visit boat

Magic Seaweed:

Great white sharks appear off OC Coast

ABC Houston:

Mom and baby humpback whales

International Business Times:

Whale swims under beachgoers

Press Telegram:

7 sea lions released


Minke whale mugs boat

Moscow Times:

Russian whale shows up off So Cal


False Killer Whales