Live Oak Canyon

Live Oak Canyon Road

Tucked into the hills of South Orange County lies a beautiful windy road through large oak trees. The road is only a few miles long but quite breathtaking, To get here, take El Toro road Northeast from I5, after several miles, El Toro road eventually turns into 1 lane in each direction, soon after, you reach Cooks Corner, a local biker bar with lots of history and vibes, make a right just before Cooks Corner, you will now be on Live Oak Canyon road, you'll eventually pass O'neil Regional Park and a few local business that are essential to stop at, a general store will be on the left side and you get a feel for how Orange County was back before all the development, also in that area, The Path Bike Shop has a great selection of bikes, a feed store, and a great Mexican Restaurant called Rose Canyon Cantina which has an amazing outdoor seating area. Live Oak Canyon road then takes you up a steep windy grade and spits you out onto Plano Trabuco road in Rancho Santa Margarita, you can either take the city streets back to I5 down Alicia Parkway or make a right on Antonio to Ortega Highway and take another scenic drive.Live Oak Canyon Road has also claimed many lives so please obey posted speed limits and wear your seatbelt. Have a great drive!

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