Mountain Lion

End of the line for famed mountain lion

In a constantly shrinking world, the mountain lions of Orange County face many daily threats including collisions with vehicles, rodenticide poisoning, lack of DNA diversity, and lack of education by humans. These ghost cats do an absolutely incredible job avoiding humans at all costs, roaming the hills criss crossed with roads, housing tracts, and hiking trails, but they can't avoid the inevitable for much longer. Since brown and black bears were hunted to extinction here, we are so lucky to still have these cats roaming the hills as the only remaining large predators. These cats play a very important role in the ecosystem by keeping other animal populations in check, animals that would otherwise overgraze or damage habitats. Deer, raccoons, rodents are among their main diet choices but as animals that depend on killing other animals to survive just as nature intended, they will take up any opportunity that presents itself.