111th Annual Christmas Boat Parade

Boat Parade

2019 Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Route

As the 111th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade moves its way through the Newport Harbor this December, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Committee, with the leadership of The Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, will continue with its parade route starting and ending point at Tip of Lido Isle. The parade will begin at approximately 6:30 p.m. each night from December 18 – 22.

Parade participants will start from the east end of Lido Island following the celebrated route, with the first public viewing destination at the new 10.5-acre Marina Park. The community park offers 177 parking spaces, nautical-themed playground, picnic area and sailing center, and is also the largest public viewing area along the parade route, creating an optimal location to gather and enjoy the festivities.

Residents and visitors will have optimal viewing of the beautifully decorated yachts, boats, kayaks and canoes sail in the parade from the Dine & Watch waterfront and Dine & Walk dining options within walking distance of the many public viewing spots.

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Marina Park

Davey's Locker

The best option to tour the holiday lights throughout the harbor as well is the parade


The following locations are the best public viewing areas that are free, in order of the time the parade passes by

Marina Park

Marina Park

Marina Park is slightly back from the starting point of the parade which means you will miss the boats in formation passing by until the end of the parade but you will see the boats as they're lined up prior to the parade starting each night which is also very cool. When the parade begins each night, many of the boats blow their horns and flash lights which can be cool to watch.

Balboa Fun Zone

This is a prime viewing area as it is located just after the start of the parade which means all the boats in the parade are in formation and not scattered. Also around the fun zone area are restaurants and shops which you can show up early for parking, get dinner, and also be able to purchase sweaters if it gets too chilly.

The Wedge

This area adjacent to The Wedge at the tip of Balboa Peninsula has a nice grass area and some benches which you can likely grab if you arrive early. This is a great viewing area but expect lots of traffic driving here as you will need to drive the entire length of the peninsula to get here which will likely be congested.

Corona Del Mar State Beach

This location has viewing space along the jetty wall and Pirates Cove which can be nice to view from the rocks above it.

Lookout Park

Since this location is elevated, you will be able to watch the parade come down the harbor and get to the turn around point which is right in front of Lookout Point. The viewing area at this park is limited on space but one of the best views, also the least amount of traffic since it's located off the harbor.

Coast Guard Dock

You can view from this area on the public dock or the adjacent beach, parking on the street is free.

Balboa Island

This is the best place to view the parade as you can watch it from anywhere on the perimeter of the island. Balboa Island also has an amazing display of decorated houses facing the harbor so it's highly recommended that you walk the loop around the island. Parking on Balboa Island is free except on Marine Ave but it can get congested so arrive early. There are also dining options on the island located on Marine Ave.

Castaways Park

Located on a bluff overlooking the harbor, you will not be right next to the parade but you will have a great view looking down at the parade at one of the turn around points so you'll see them coming towards you, then turning back which makes for a cool viewing. You will also be looking across PCH can can be a plus or minus.